Why Visual Content Is The New Black

Visual Content –  What Does That Even Mean?

Visual content – I didn’t invent the terminology (although it’d have been cool if I had!)  It’s a bit of a buzzword these days, a sidekick of “content marketing” if you like. By visual content, I mean images, gifs and video. 

Why do we need visual content and why is it so important for marketing?

Here are a few statistics…

  • The brain processes images up to 80,000 x faster than text
  • Up to 65% of people are visual learners
  • One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words
  • The average online attention span is less than 8 seconds (comparable to that of a goldfish)

As a marketer, your job is to catch the attention of your prospects.  You have to stop the scroll!  


The Bottom Line…

All blog posts need an image and / or video.

Landing pages need a compelling image or video – one study showed that landing pages with a video resulted in 80% higher conversion rate.  That’s pretty impressive!

Then we have Facebook Ads….social media header images… email… and so it goes on.

What can you do if you’re not a graphic designer and videographer?

Learn to create your own graphics, gifs and videos.  It’s not difficult – anyone can use the raft of excellent free tools that are readily available. You’ll need to put a bit of effort in; obviously there’s a learning curve with anything new, but I can promise you that no special skills are required, apart from knowing your way around a browser.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning this stuff myself  so that I’m now able to produce my own graphics and videos quickly and almost effortlessly –  and I want to teach you to do the same.

However – I must emphasise that you should always hire a graphic designer (or videographer) for anything that needs ultra-high quality design – such as your business logo and printed materials, or a corporate video.  What I’m talking about and teaching is simple web-based images and videos that you need for day-to-day marketing of your business.

My new online training course Let’s Get Visual! is now available.  You get access to 10 modules of training for just £59. New modules will be added periodically.

Each module has at least one video tutorial (none more than 20 mins in length) and a worksheet – there’s no obligation, no deadlines, simply dip in and out in your own time. We also have a closed Facebook Group for course members to ask questions and share their creations.

Get the details and register here:



PS: There’s an image, a gif and a video in this post. Is visual content the new black?  You decide 🙂

PPS:  If you really don’t want to learn to create your own visual content, I have you covered – with my done-for-you visual content package.



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