Why Do You Buy?


It’s All In Your Head

We may not realise, because it’s a subconscious thing, but the vast majority of us buy based on emotion.  We listen to our gut feeling, and we know it’s right, not just because we’re always told to “go with your gut”, but because it JUST IS.

In fact, something else happens before we go with our gut feeling, and it involves the most primitive part of the brain –  the amygdala, which is responsible for INSTINCT and SURVIVAL.   Its main focus is to avoid PAIN.  You know, that fight or flight thing.

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Your Prospects Are In Pain…

Pain doesn’t necessarily mean physical pain –  it can be psychological pain (negative emotion) such as stress, worry, fear, anger, depression.  Your prospects – the people you want to buy from you –  have a pain.  Your job is to identify their pain, and then show them that you have the pain-killer, the solution.

Successful marketing leverages this concept. Successful marketing is all about emotion –  identifying the negative emotion(s) your prospects experience, and showing them the positive emotion(s) they’ll feel AFTER working with you.

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It’s Time To Embrace The Power Of Video

You know how important video is to marketing these days, right? You’ve heard so much about it – video is everywhere!   But you simply hate being in front of a camera…  (me too!) 

Now, imagine you could simply send potential clients to your website where there’s an animation video to communicate and explain your service perfectly – or show them on your phone or tablet when you meet them at a networking group. In just 60 seconds they’ll have a clear picture of the benefits they’ll gain from working with you, meaning you’ll have far less explaining to do.


What if you could effortlessly attract new enquiries and captivate more paying clients by sharing one video across all of your social media?

I’m really excited about my new ANIMATE – CAPTIVATE – COMMUNICATE package that will help coaches, consultants, therapists and service business owners easily attract new clients, and re-engage existing clients.

This system uses the primary buying trigger – EMOTION – to leverage the power of the subconscious mind and make your prospects feel they need YOUR services right now.

Get all the details here:  ANIMATE- CAPTIVATE – COMMUNICATE 


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  1. […] It works when the content of your videos appeals to the emotions of your viewer  – emotion is the primary buying trigger, whether you want to admit it or not.  We buy emotionally, and justify the decision logically –  our brains are wired that way. […]

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