Video Marketing – How To Create A Viral Video

Video Marketing – A Few Statistics To Set Things In Context

Forrester Research found that one minute of video has a value equivalent to 1.8 million words. That’s a lot of words! Would you want to spend time writing them?

Comscore discovered that the average internet user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds per month watching video ads.

80% of internet traffic in 2019 will be video  (Cisco)

Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day.

And a couple from Forbes: 50% of executives watch business-related videos on YouTube at least once per week – and 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.

Having absorbed these and many other video marketing-related statistics during 2014, I embarked on a new business venture –  creation of whiteboard animation videos.  These short (60 secs approximately) animations are ideal for marketing a business, when added to web pages and social media channels.  Video on a website encourages visitors to stay longer, plus of course the well-known SEO benefit (Google owns YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine).  Thanks to a transformational training course run by Doodle Ads, I discovered how to make my videos stand out from the crowd by tapping into viewers’ emotions, making them far more likely to buy.   Purrfectly Animated, my video marketing business, has been successful beyond my wildest dreams and is continuing to grow 18 months later.

And then this happened…

The Viral Video



I haven’t had to do a great deal of marketing to get people interested in ordering a video from me.  Regularly sharing my videos in appropriate Facebook groups and of course, on my Facebook Page, has brought me new clients on a regular basis.   This is exactly how Omozua Isiramen (a life and business coach for women) heard about me – she ordered a whiteboard animation to promote her business Coaching With Omozua.   I wrote the script, commissioned a voiceover, and produced the completed animation in the same way as I’ve done for the last year or so.   When Omozua was happy with it,  I shared it on my Facebook Page on the afternoon of February 23rd.   Normally, I’d expect maybe 300-400 video views (since FB’s algorithm reduced the reach of posts from pages).   As of 5th March, there have been 18k views. Naturally, the video was also shared on Omozua’s Facebook Page. (as of 5th March, there have been 10k views there – she boosted the post but it hasn’t yet beaten the organic results on my page!)

Really pleased with this recently created video for Omozua – Coaching with OmozuaThe logo animation works really well…

Posted by Purrfectly Social on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I noticed within 2 days or so that this particular video seemed to be generating a lot more interest than usual, but I didn’t start recording the results until February 28th.   Here is a screenshot of my page insights from that day:


28th February 2016

Not only had my page reach exceeded anything I’d previously seen, but the number of video views was also way more than ever before.  And people were interacting (liking, commenting, sharing) as well.  Another side effect has been a rapid increase in page likes,  signups to my email list, and clicks to my website.  Remember, this post was NOT boosted –  the actions have been totally organic.

Here are further screenshots taken over the 10 days or so following this video upload:


1st March 2016


3rd March 2016


5th March 2016

What Happened Next

Obviously, I was keen to make as much noise about this as possible.  I shared my Facebook page post to my personal profile,  I also shared screenshots of the page insights. I shared the video to several of my Facebook groups – by sharing the post itself,  everyone was able to see how many views and interactions the video had.  As a result I have had 10 new enquiries about my video creation services, 3 of which (at the time of writing, 5th March) have translated into firm orders.  But the truly invaluable result has been that my client has gained a lot of new business –  Omozua has booked 20 discovery calls, and has run 4 of her VIP days, as a direct result of people viewing her video.   This has generated a ROI for her of 1940% – pretty impressive!

Omozua says:

Given that I am just starting out I think it is has been good way
to market my business. I have literally gotten 65% more emails/contacts than before the video .
I will continue to boost the video too. One thing is the engagement I am getting directly plus building my list….
Confidence related: I now feel ready for a stellar video with me in it.
It has boosted my confidence and opened me up to reaching out and connecting. It has woken my business up.
I had no idea what would happen when I chose to get a video but I am going with the flow. It is really a miracle… hard worked for but it has boosted more than just my business

The video on YouTube

In Conclusion

I’ve never experienced virality before and who knows, I may never experience it again.  I have no explanation as to why this particular video should attract so much attention.  Nothing out of the ordinary was done to promote it and the video itself is broadly similar to those I’ve previously created.  I guess it’s one of those serendipitous occurrences – being in the right place at the right time – with the right message.   I can say however that the results have been extraordinary and the knock-on effects are still happening for both myself and Omozua.  One other interesting fact –  the same day (23rd February) that I uploaded the video to Facebook,  I’d just heard that I’d got tickets for the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final (via their annual ticket ballot).  As a massive tennis fan, this is something very special –  a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Something must have been in the air that day  –  I shan’t forget it for a long while!

Want A Video For Your Business?

Video marketing gets results – occasionally, spectacular results!  You’ll find plenty of information and a portfolio of my videos on the Purrfectly Animated website.  Take a look!


I love helping businesses to get the best from their marketing. Please contact me if you need further advice on video marketing for your business. Why not say hello on my Facebook page too? 





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