Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter tips for business

This is a selection (in no particular order) of Twitter tips for business that I post regularly,  using the hashtag #twittertip.   Most of them get retweeted so clearly they are considered valuable!  Feel free to make use of any or all of them.

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  • In the retail sector? Tweet about new products, upgrades etc. Keep your customers informed and engaged!
  • Suggest a solution to a problem that someone has posted, with a link to a web tutorial.
  • Don’t be a secret agent – add your twitter name to website, biz cards, email & forum sigs. Let people find you!
  • Offer a special promotion or discount to your followers & ask for retweets -> get more followers & website visits
  • More followers -> more reach for your tweets. Use search function, find people in your niche, follow & start conversations
  •  Don’t send every tweet to Facebook – the 2 platforms are different and need a different approach.
  • Write thank-you notes. If you’re inspired by a blog post, status update or tweet, give credit where credit is due
  • Treat social media like a networking event. Nobody listens to the person who walks in and starts selling.
  • To prevent problems always set up and implement a clear social media policy for your employees.
  •  Include an @ mention if you’re referencing a thought leader in your niche -give them an incentive to retweet.
  •  Aim for tweet lengths of 120-130 characters; don’t use up all 140, this allows space for RT with comments
  • If you offer a service, position yourself as an expert by producing free, informative content & answering questions
  • Looking for a job? the majority of companies (>80%) now use social media as part of their recruitment.
  • Don’t sit back & let everyone else tweet, jump in on a conversation, offer help, build your community & earn trust.
  •  More followers -> more reach for your tweets. Use search function, find people in your niche, follow & start conversations
  •  Bear in mind a tweet has a very short lifetime. Approx. 90% of engagement happens within the 1st hour of tweeting.
  •  Make sure you have a RSS button on your website/blog so that visitors can easily subscribe to updates. No need to be shy:)
  •  Link to your profile everywhere – Facebook, LinkedIn, your website/blog, email signature, biz card. Be easy to find!
  •  Fill out your bio using the max. 160 chars. Who are you & what do you do? Include website link and a good head shot.
  • Don’t tweet in textspeak – be creative and make best use of 140 characters, leaving a few for ReTweet.
  • The ideal time to get retweeted is around 4pm EST (9pm GMT) on a Friday.
  • Don’t post links with no explanation of what they’re about.
  • For best engagement, keep your tweets under 100 characters and include a hashtag

Did you find this list of Twitter tips for business useful?   Do you have any Twitter tips to add?  Please share them in the Comments!

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  1. 6. Start tweeting as a hobby, not a profession. Your business is small. Your time is precious and valuable. The reality is you’re not going to make ten thousand dollars a week from Twitter, at least at the start. There’s no need to stretch the balance sheet to bring in a “social media” expert to a team of 2-3 people. Just learn the ropes yourself via experience and check in a few times per day when you have a free moment. Eventually, if you start gaining traction, re-evaluate your needs with regards to investment of time and money.
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  2. Tweet about what you tell people you tweet about! Every now and then it’s okay to share some other random piece of information, but that shouldn’t be the bulk of your content. Your tweets should be valuable to your followers, and should give them a reason to keep following you.
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  3. We all have different tricks and tips for using Twitter. A personal account will often follow different guidelines than a business account. Sometimes a business owner will use one account for both- personal and professional use.
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  4. This is the one-stop source for all Twitter resources that relate specifically to business. You will learn how people acquire customers and grow their business using Twitter. Additionally, you will see a few examples of large companies who use Twitter effectively.
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