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Do you understand Twitter Search?


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I often find that people dismiss Twitter’s powerful search function because “it doesn’t work” and doesn’t give them the results they’re hoping for. This is because they aren’t using it properly! Twitter search is actually very similar to Google search – it’s a question of looking beyond the obvious and using the available tools.

NEWSFLASH – Simply typing a word or phrase into Twitter search is very unlikely to get you the results you’re looking for.

Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of Twitter search.

  1. Use “” around a phrase you’re searching for to find that exact phrase, e.g. “social media” will find tweets containing this phrase.
  2. Use OR to include several words in your search, e.g. football OR rugby – will find tweets containing “football”, “rugby”, or both words
  3. Use a question mark, e.g. wedding ?  will find tweets containing the word “wedding” and asking a question
  4. Use to: and from: to search for tweets to or from a specific person, e.g. from:njjsocialmedia  will find tweets from me 🙂
  5. Use the “near” operator to find tweets about a specific phrase near a particular location, e.g. “wedding photographer” near:”lincoln”
  6. Add a specific distance to no. 5 e.g. “wedding photographer” near:”lincoln” within:15mi  will find tweets about wedding photographers within 15 miles of Lincoln.
  7. If you’re searching for leads (potential clients/customers) remember that you need to think of what someone might tweet if they were looking for someone offering your product or service. 
  8. The searches “anyone recommend” and “anybody recommend” are very useful – chances are you will find plenty of tweets to reply to and offer help even if not directly related to your business. 
  9. Using the searches in no.8, see how many colleagues you can recommend with an @mention!
  10. Find more information on Twitter search

Over to you……

I strongly recommend you give Twitter search a try – you can save individual searches once you’ve set them up.  Why not set up several searches related to your business niche, and check them daily?  You may well find a few potential leads.  Also, make sure you use “anyone / anybody recommend” – even if you don’t find direct leads,  it’s well worthwhile responding to any questions you are able to answer. That way, you’ve introduced yourself to a new contact, who may well visit your profile, check your website and who knows,  they might need your services in the future or perhaps may have a colleague who does.  And you could do the same with them – could they be a future business contact or referral? The wider you can extend your circle of contacts, the better.  This is one of the main reasons why Twitter is such a powerful business tool.

Have you used Twitter search successfully?  Has it provided leads or new clients for you? I’d really love to hear your experiences so please share in the comments!

Twitter Search Tips

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  1. Great advice as usual Naomi, I will be storming through a project tomorrow on the back of your excellent tips!

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