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The Angelic Bulldog Project – World Motorcycle Speed Record Attempt

What on earth is the Angelic Bulldog Project, you may well ask?

I had certainly never heard of it until last month, when I was at a training workshop. I got chatting with Jenni of Successfully Yours, and she explained that a group based in Lincoln were planning an attempt on the world motorcycle speed record. This would probably to take place in 2012, and they needed someone to help out with marketing and promotion via social media. As the Angelic Bulldog project is run by volunteers, there would be no remuneration, but the reward would be an advertisement on the sponsors’ website and possibly a logo on the machine itself!

I know absolutely zero about motorbikes and to be honest they terrify me – I was taken for rides by my cousin-in-law a few times many years ago and never particularly enjoyed it. Driving a car at 70mph is quite scary enough for me! The idea of a motorbike travelling at 400mph just doesn’t bear thinking about…… but that’s what the Angelic Bulldog could be doing next year.

The Angelic Bulldog team’s Guiding Principles are to:

  • bring back to Britain the outright Land Speed Record on two wheels
  • achieve worldwide recognition for British engineering skills and talent
  • utilise British design, manufacturing, engineering, products and services where possible
  • restore Britain’s heritage of outstanding engineering achievements
  • educate young people through a series of educational programmes to maximise their potential, especially within science and engineering
  • produce project-generated educational resources that are complimentary to the school curriculum
  • renew enthusiasm for science and engineering subjects with regard to future careers for young people in Britain
  • inspire and encourage young British people to be the best they can be.

So here I am as a member of the PR team for the project! We have a Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn profile, and you can also follow us on Twitter. Please support this exciting project.

The Angelic Bulldog project team welcomes new sponsors – various levels of involvement are possible. Find out more at the Angelic Bulldog Sponsors site.
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