Promote Your Business With Social Media – 5 Smart Tips

Chances are, if you’re in business, you’re aware of the “digital shift” that has taken place over the last 20 years or so. First it was the internet and email, then the world wide web – and now we have the social media revolution. Did your business set up a website 15 years ago along […]

Social Media Is Not Just For Kids

Came across this great infographic yesterday and as permission was given to embed it on any website, I thought I would do just that. If you thought that social media was mainly used by youngsters, take a look at the statistics.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn

My first experience with computers was back in the 1970s when I was at University. I remember a huge array of machines in a spotless air conditioned room. We had to prepare a pile of punched cards to feed into this monster – I didn’t understand any of it and was in awe of those […]

5 Common Social Media Mistakes

So you’ve decided to bring your business into the 21st Century and get started with social media……but do you know the rules?

Heard The Buzz?

  We keep hearing that the UK bee population is declining – but what about the social media buzz?  That’s not about to become extinct any time soon!