Social Media Statistics 2018: A Handy Reference Guide

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not in social media for 2018?  Get the latest news here in this handy infographic. shared with thanks to Dustin Stout of dustn.tvImage courtesy of Dustn.tvAre you surprised by any of the statistics?  Which social media platform do you find works best for your business?  Let me know […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Images In Your Marketing

Images Drive Engagement Stand Out And Deliver We live in an increasingly fast-paced world. People nowadays expect instant answers and solutions to whatever they’re seeking. Social media newsfeeds move rapidly, meaning that you have just a small window of opportunity to get your content noticed. If someone lands on your website and doesn’t find what […]

How To Get More From Google Plus

Improve Your Google Plus Engagement I’m a huge advocate of Google Plus and its value as a channel for raising your online profile and boosting your search engine rankings  Here’s a comprehensive summary showing you how to make the most of Google Plus.  (via Plus Your Business) Source: Plus Your Business [hr] [color-box]Need help setting […]

These Local Businesses Are Rocking Social Media

This is a guest post from Belinda Darley,  director of ABC Accounting Services in Gainsborough.  Belinda also runs a very successful dance and fitness studio  – simply called The Studio.  I have no idea how she finds the time and energy!  I first noticed ABC Accounting because of their social media activities – the company […]

Google Plus – A Beginner’s Guide

Why You Must Not Ignore Google Plus This blog post forms the basis of the Google Plus training sessions I offer to small businesses.  If you haven’t been active on Google+ so far, now’s the time to get started! Google Plus is the 2nd largest social network with around 360 million users worldwide. However it […]