Facebook Marketing in 2018 – What’s Working Right Now (And What Isn’t)

Have You Given Up On Facebook?UPDATE:  12TH JANUARY 2018Facebook announced a major change to the newsfeed algorithm, resulting in lower priority for business page updates, public announcements etc and placing yet more emphasis on “connecting people to meaningful posts from their friends and family in News Feed”.  As a result, the points outlined in this blog post are […]

Why Do I Need a Facebook Page For My Business?

Facebook Pages vs Profiles – revisited! I’ve written about this in a previous post, but it does warrant another mention as I see so many businesses wrongly set up on Facebook, and as per the above example, this can end in disaster. Would you be happy if this happened to your business? If you want […]

Facebook – Profile Or Page?

Facebook is the most popular social network with around 600 million users worldwide, 30 million or so in the UK alone. (that’s almost 50% of the population). Those statistics alone should convince businesses that they cannot afford to ignore the power of 21st century word of mouth, which in a nutshell is what’s offered by […]