Social Media – How to Conquer your Fears

Scared of Social Media?

Fear of social media?
I speak to business owners regularly, and many tell me that they have social media accounts (most commonly Facebook and Twitter) but they rarely update them either because they haven’t seen any results, or because they don’t have time/don’t know what to say.  My response is that social media doesn’t produce overnight results. It’s just one part of a complete marketing strategy.  Facebook and Twitter may not be appropriate for your business; have you looked at your target market?  Finding things to say isn’t difficult at all when you use the right tools. As for the time problem,  it’s perfectly possible to manage an adequate social media presence in just 15 minutes per day! If these concerns sound familiar to you, this article should go some way towards conquering your social media fears.

Dangers of Not Using Social Media

Many businesses are aware of the benefits of having a social media presence but are still wary of getting involved. There’s no point getting involved just for the sake of it or because everyone else is – but there are risks if you don’t.

Start Small

You don’t need to jump in at the deep end and set up on several networks immediately – always consider social media as part of your overall marketing strategy. You should know your target market and identify which networks they are likely to be active on, allowing you to design an appropriate social media plan. If you’re not sure how to go about this, advice and training might be of benefit.

Customer Service

It’s a dialogue between the business and its customers/clients. Social media offers an amazing opportunity to amplify this dialogue. If someone complains about your company on a social network and you’re not there to answer, just think what might happen. We know how rapidly news can spread via Twitter and Facebook. Similarly, if someone recommends you, you can ensure that the message is spread far and wide! Simply because of the sheer numbers of people using social networks daily, chances are someone is talking about you and you should be listening.


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Sales and Leads

It’s now well known that potential customers research their purchases online – they will commonly ask their friends on Facebook or Twitter for opinions on products.  Try “anyone recommend” as a search on Twitter if you don’t believe me! Most major brands feature reviews on their website – because they know that people value recommendations from their peers. You need to be where the conversation is.

Just for Young People?

This is a common misconception. Facebook is set to reach 1 billion worldwide users this year – more than half are over 35 and the largest growing sector is the over 55s! Social media is here to stay and it’s used by everyone.

Reputation Monitoring

This is one of the most important features of social media for businesses. You can track (via various tools) what’s being said about your company/brand and respond quickly if necessary.

Content Syndication

If your business has a blog (and it should), or produces articles regularly, social media offers a very simple way to reach a wider audience. Most blogs nowadays have social sharing links to enable readers to immediately share the content to their own networks. When you consider that the average Facebook user has 130 friends, and the average Twitter user around 100 followers, it’s easy to see how quickly good content can spread. You also have the opportunity to comment on other blogs, leaving a link back to your own – yet another way of raising your profile and sharing your content.

Two-Way Dialogue

We’ve reached the end of “business as usual” – we are no longer limited to 5 days a week, 9-5. There are now many ways of communication besides email and telephone and multiple devices (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) Social media facilitates this new way of working.

How will you get started?

Forget your social media fears! Look out for my next post outlining a simple process for establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence for your business.

Need help getting started with social media for your business? I’d love to work with you, so go ahead, take the first step! Contact me on 01777 249075 or by email at

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  1. I try do cover all of my bases with twitter, FB etc but it wasn’t until I started blogging that I found a medium that I really clicked with, I find it quite theraputic and it’s done wonders for my search engine listings too!

    • Thanks a lot for your comment Laura – glad to hear that blogging has helped with your SEO 🙂 Have you set up your Google authorship too? That’s well worth doing as another SEO boost.

  2. karenmercer says:

    Thanks for this great blog post. As a coffee shop owner I use social media with great success, to boost my business and also other Enfield businesses. I also train local businesses in how to use social media to their advantage and this article really struck a chord with me, as I have noticed that in the main, business owners are not lacking the capability, they are, as you say, lacking the confidence. I often feel like I’m giving them a session in positive thinking! Brilliant article, thank you and I will be posting the link to it on The Ideas Station, social media group on facebook. X

  3. With numbers like these — plus the fact that Google is now using social content to help determine the ranking of web pages — it’s difficult to justify not creating a Facebook presence for your brand.
    Susana M. Cervantes recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  4. This is a #socialeconomy and we are its exchange. Our actions or inactions are our currency.
    Otis Stone recently posted…No last blog posts to return.My Profile

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