Social Media Helps In UK Riots

A Positive Use for Social Media

London riots - Paula Radcliffe's tweet

I’ve been in Scotland, judging at a cat show on Saturday then staying with a friend till Monday – they have no TV reception and I didn’t have much chance to check my social media accounts, so I only heard yesterday about the spate of riots that broke out several UK cities over the weekend.

Discussion has been very active over the last 2 days, particularly on Twitter, but sadly (and perhaps understandably) some people are unable to remain rational. I’ve already unfollowed a couple!

On a more positive note, and this really demonstrates the power of social media – groups in affected areas have got
together to help clean up the mess. The hashtag #riotscleanup was used to get people together, and this is still top of the UK Twitter trending list as I write (2pm Monday August 9th). You can read more about this on the BBC website.

Of course, we can also expect that social media will help to spread photos of the riot leaders, potentially making things easier for the police and those involved in investigations. Like Paula Radcliffe, we are all hoping for a swift end to the chaos.

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