Want it all - or just some of it?  Here's a list of everything I offer - some free, some paid. NB: I earn a commission if you purchase some of these (affiliate) products via my link.



A range of social media management packages to provide scheduled updates for your business, management of your inbox and interactions, and referral of messages and leads to you. 
Research, content curation and image creation are optional extras. 

Want to setup and manage your own social media activity? That’s perfectly understandable - and actually the best possible solution. No-one knows your business better than you! I'll visit you at your place of work, or schedule a telephone / skype call to deliver one-to-one social media training for your business, covering the major platforms, or alternatively a more in-depth look at a specific platform. Group training also available. 

Unlock the secrets of successful Facebook Ads with skype or in-person training. We'll cover the basics of setting up a campaign, and more specific issues according to your current level of experience. 

Video marketing is huge and it's not going away.  Your competitors are using it - don't get left behind. What you need is the basics - how to plan, shoot, edit and upload simple videos that will build your business.  With this course you'll get exactly that - learn at your own pace, at times to suit yourself. 

We live in an increasingly visual world. With today's hectic lifestyles, people often don't have time to read through pages of text - they respond better to an eye-catching image or video.
If you struggle for inspiration or simply don't have the time or knowledge to create optimised images, I'd love to help! 

Take a look at these images and imagine how they could work for your business! Your business logo, promotional message, or video on a billboard, laptop, iPhone, tablet, mug or t-shirt…visit the gallery to see examples.  Video mockups also available. 

Check out my affordable animation package for startups, microbusinesses, coaches, consultants and solopreneurs - all the benefits of video without blowing your budget. I'll create a short, punchy animation like the one on the left, featuring your exact brand colours, logo, and key marketing message.

We buy emotionally (and justify the decision logically). A whiteboard animation video using cartoon-style images, accompanied by a professional voiceover, has the capacity to emphasise emotion like no other medium. When your video taps into your prospects' emotions, they're far more likely to buy - especially when there's a strong call to action. 

Everyone's getting into video marketing now! The more videos out there, the less likely it is that yours will be seen - unless they really grab attention and stand out from the crowd. Adding a bespoke, branded element to all of your videos will ensure they are unique to your business. Take a look at the example to see what I mean.


These are products and services that I use regularly myself.  I never recommend anything that I've not personally used and found valuable to my business.  Take a look - you may well find something ideal for your own business. 

This page, and many of the linked pages, are built with Thrive Content Builder. I purchased this plugin a couple of years ago and it's been absolutely invaluable.  If you need a simple, cost-effective way to create landing pages (or any type of page) for your WordPress website, you really should take a look at this. It's a one-off payment, so no monthly fees, unlike many popular landing page tools.

Thrive Leads is another amazing plugin from the Thrive Themes team.  It offers multiple ways to grow your email list by adding a variety of opt-in forms to your WordPress site, on pages, in blog posts etc.  Plus you get A/B testing and powerful reporting and insights.  Take a look at this blog post to see Thrive Leads in action. 

Can you tell I'm a huge fan of Thrive products?  This is their latest offering -  making it simple to collect and showcase your valuable client testimonials. Set up a testimonial collection page on your site and clients can simply add their comments in a form on the page.  Tag and categorise your testimonials with keywords, then showcase them on your sales pages, or anywhere on your WordPress site.  It's a revolutionary product that'll boost your sales -  testimonials are vitally important to the success of any business. 

I've been using Explaindio since it launched around 18 months ago - it's now in version 3 and new features are being added on a regular basis. 
I use Explaindio to create the majority of my whiteboard animation videos

Viddyoze is the app I use for my logo animations, intros, outros etc. The animations it produces are very eye-catching and great for adding a branding element to your marketing videos.  If you're in a marketing business this would be a cost-effective way to add an additional income stream. 

Coursify is another WordPress plugin that can be used to create, publish and deliver online training courses (also to promote and sell offline courses).  It's straightforward to use and comes with comprehensive set up instructions and tutorial videos.  I've used it to publish my "Make Online Videos" course and will be adding more training material soon. 

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