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Mobile Marketing – The Future


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Mobile marketing – relevant statistics:

  • 1,000,000 text messages were sent every 5 seconds in 2010
  • 75 million mobile phones in the UK in 2011
  • More than 90%  of adults own a mobile
  • approx. 150 texts sent per mobile per month
  • Over 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile

Watch this video and you’ll get the idea…….. mobile marketing really is the future.  It’s getting much easier to use a mobile device to do all the things you used to do on a PC or Mac,  and this digital shift is set to continue.


I’ve been researching mobile marketing for the last couple of months and am convinced of its potential, particularly for local businesses. The majority of searches nowadays are for local information – in a previous post I discussed the necessity for businesses to claim their Google Places listing. Imagine the results if a local business such as a restaurant placed a notice in the window asking people to text a code to a certain number, and receive in return a discount voucher. Most restaurants have certain days and times when they’re quieter than they’d like – if the voucher specified a discount for those days and times, it could well bring in additional customers – and revenue. This could also work very well for hair or beauty salons, pubs, bars, coffee shops, etc. And how about dentists or vets using a text service to remind clients when appointments are due? Mobile marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching out to local clients.

Via Twitter (more proof of the power of social media!), I recently came across TellMeTxt, a UK company offering text message advertising. I have signed up for their 3 month free trial because I believe the best way of learning about something is to get hands-on experience.

I signed up for the text messaging plus email option.  If you’d like to try it out and see the message and email you receive,  this is what you need to do:

Text INF SOCIALMEDIA + your email address to 60777

You should receive an immediate text back (may not quite be instant depending on network and signal strength) from “NJohnsonSM” with the message:

Free Booklet – Get Up To Speed With Social Media. Available from

You should also receive an email that looks like this (click to enlarge):

Email from TellMeTxt

Email you receive after sending text

(My logo will be at the top of the email but I couldn’t capture that as well as the message itself!)

I don’t know about you, but this looks very impressive to me and I think there are huge implications here for businesses wanting to expand their marketing strategy. As already mentioned, 97% of text messages are opened and read, compared to a mere 20% or so of emails… more or less have a captive audience!

TellMeTxt is offering 3 months’ free trial of the service, but you need to take this up by September 30th – not long to go! I’d recommend anyone wishing to explore the massive potential offered by mobile marketing to visit their website and contact them very soon.

Please note I have no link with TellMeTxt, I am merely a happy “trial” client.

Are you  using mobile marketing in your business?  How’s it working for you?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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  1. The Pros definitely outweigh the cons of mobile SMS marketing. Basically all of the cons only apply to you if you completely abuse the SMS marketing system and contact people excessively. If you do it right, SMS marketing is a great medium to contact customers.

    • hi Flora, thanks for taking time to comment. I agree with you – SMS marketing is well worth the effort but you have to use it with discretion.

  2. I think the potential to reach out with mobile is very high, there are almost 1 billion smart phones while the rest of the 5 billion are still waiting to make a transition. It hard to imagine how fast technology has progressed, 15 years ago many of us are still clicking and tapping on keyboards of the 486 and Pentium computers. Today you can do just about anything with a smartphone or tablet.


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