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Yesterday I attended one of the free Action Planning Workshops for East Midlands  organised by Transformational ICT and E-business Club.  Once again I learned a huge amount and left feeling inspired –  I couldn’t get to sleep with all the ideas buzzing around in my head!

The Workshop was entitled “Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy“.  This is something that every business needs to look at and take very seriously.  In fact,  I’d recommend you take action within the next 6 months if you want to stay ahead of the game in mobile marketing.  It’s expanding at the speed of light right now.

Here are just 7 points you can and should take action on before the end of 2011:

1. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices. One-third of UK adults now use a smartphone (Ofcom, August 2011), and 45% of UK internet users connect via a smartphone (Office for National Statistics, August 2011). Many leading UK businesses have not yet optimised for mobile…..

2. Once you have a mobile-friendly version of your site, make sure it is optimised for search – Google displays different results for mobile sites than for their static equivalent. People search for different things while out and about using a mobile device.

3. Consider having an App developed for your business. This can be even more powerful than a mobile-optimised website, as it sits on the “home” screen of the device. The user does not have to open a browser to view it, ensuring easy access and keeping your business in your client’s view.

4. Make use of QR codes in your mobile marketing. These are 2-dimensional barcodes that can contain virtually any information. A link to your website, details of your special offers, directions to your shop/bar/restaurant – what else can you think of? QR codes are free and simple to create. Scan the one above and see what happens!

5. When you create your App, integrate and use Push Messaging to keep in contact with those who download it. It’s a modern and permission based version of email marketing, but far better targeted because you’re only contacting people who have already expressed interest by downloading your App.

6. Use geo-location. Again, this can be built into your Apps. Ideal for “find your nearest” type of searches. Twitter and Google already use this.

7. SMS mobile marketing has been around for a while – have  you tried it? S ee my
previous post on this. You could also consider MMS advertising – fairly unique at the moment. Pictures always carry more impact than plain text!

I hope this has given you a few ideas. As with any new project, take some time to sit and plan your strategy. Start with research (maybe run a customer survey?) – what information or services do your potential clients want at the moment? What services or information could you provide via mobile devices in future? How often will people access the information and on what specific devices? What tools are relevant to users in your field of business? Check your Google Analytics to find out what percentage of website visitors are already accessing via a mobile device. And finally – don’t forget that social media and mobile marketing can and should be totally integrated. Both are necessary and vital components of your marketing strategy.

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  1. Interesting thoughts Naomi 🙂 Any thoughts on how to optimise for mobile search? I have been looking into Apps for a while and yes it’s valuable to be on someones device, unless that device is of use to me I’d quickly delete it.

    I need to think on the apps option some more.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • hi Sarah, many thanks for taking time to comment. I think with mobile SEO you need to ensure you’re using “local” keywords, as the majority of people searching on a mobile device will be out and about looking for products/services in a specific area……
      I have to admit that until I went on that workshop, I’d hardly thought about Apps and had very little understanding of them as I don’t have an IPhone or Android at present – but the Apps market is growing exponentially and they could benefit a lot of businesses that may currently be unaware of the potential.

  2. Good thing I read your post in the morning, Naomi, because I would like to sleep tonight with ‘all (your) ideas buzzing in my head.’ I had hardly considered this aspect of marketing. Thank you for getting me going in this direction.

    • Thanks Lisa, I appreciate you taking time to respond. I think mobile marketing is certainly worth paying attention to, you can bet that iPads and other mobile gadgets will be on many Christmas wish lists this year! Hope you sleep well tonight 🙂

  3. SmileyCoach says:

    I haven’t done anything of those things. More for the ‘to do’ list! I love the idea of developing an App. Do you know anybody who can do this for me? x

  4. Good post, Naomi, and some very timely advice. I researched and wrote an article for BirdsOnTheBlog recently about mobile and was staggered by the growth of mobile – primarily in the USA, but it’s growing like bindweed in the UK too now. Have a look at some of the statistics I found, here


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