Is Your Marketing Strategy Missing This Vital Link?

Email Marketing And Your List


Are you a business owner?  If so, are you building your email list on a regular basis?  If not, you’re missing a massive opportunity.
Email marketing, contrary to opinions you may have heard, is not dead –  far from it!  As a social media consultant, it might sound strange for me to be saying this, but we cannot rely on any of the social networks being available long term. Your business needs a more secure means of keeping in contact with clients and prospects.   To quote a well-worn phrase “The money’s in the list”.

Do you remember MySpace and Friends Reunited?  Ever hear of them nowadays?  Not so much.

As a business, you should never rely on social media as your sole marketing channel. It’s vital to create an integrated strategy, and that should always include email marketing

Many websites have a sign up form –  enter your name and email address to receive……. our monthly newsletter??  Sorry, but that just isn’t good enough these days.  People are very careful about parting with personal information. We’re aware of how much the likes of Google and Facebook already know about us, so for us to give you our name and email,  you’d better have something valuable to offer in return!

You’ve probably read that it takes between 7-25 “touches” before someone is ready to buy –  your prospective clients need to get to know, like and trust you.  Regular email contact is a great way of building trust.

If email marketing isn’t currently a part of your business strategy, take a look at these statistics:

1)   Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. (Aberdeen)

2)   54% of emails sent by businesses are marketing messages (Epsilon).

3)  A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook. (Radicati)

4)   91% of consumers check their email daily (ExactTarget).

5)   74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email (Merkle).

6)   66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association).

7)   Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Direct Marketing Association). 

8)   59% of companies are integrating email and social channels together (eConsultancy).

9)   76% of email opens occur in the first two days after an email is sent (Alchemy Worx).

Clearly, email marketing is a worthwhile business activity.  But, as previously  mentioned, there has to be a compelling reason for someone to give you their email address.  How can we address this issue?

The Lead Magnet

Also sometimes called an opt-in offer, a lead magnet is the free download you give to people in return for their (name and) email address.  You are aiming to grow your email database (list) but you don’t just want anyone signing up, you want people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.  Therefore your free offer needs to be something of value that is of interest to your prospective clients.  Ideally it needs to be something that you could easily charge for, but obviously you aren’t doing so –  it has to speak to your prospects’ needs so that they feel compelled to sign up.

How to Create your Irresistible Offer

The crucial thing, as with all marketing activities, is to be very clear on your ideal client. Who are they, what type of business do they have, their age, gender, family circumstances, income bracket – be as specific as possible.  Once you have someone specific in mind, it becomes easier to create something that will appeal to them because you know exactly what their “pain points” are.  For example, my free guide “From Cold To Sold: 7 Key Strategies To Attract More Clients” is designed to appeal to a small business owner who is a coach, consultant, therapist or in another service business. She understands that online marketing is an essential part of any business nowadays, but struggles to find time to put together compelling messages. She needs a straightforward, easy-to-follow process that she can read implement with little effort – my guide provides exactly this.

You are the expert in your niche. Think about what your clients and prospects would love to learn from you.  If nothing comes to mind, ask them! Run a survey or ask them in person.  What do they need help with?  What keeps them awake at night?  What questions do they ask you all the time?  If the answers seem obvious to you, that’s because you have the “curse of knowledge”.  You just can’t remember what it was like not to know these things.  Your prospects aren’t you – they need to know and you can tell them!

Packaging your Lead Magnet

Once again, be guided by your clients.  What format would they prefer – an eBook, video, e-course (series of emails), webinar?  The most common format is the eBook which can be just a few pages.   It’s as simple as creating a Word document and exporting it to PDF format – add a few images and remember to set things out clearly, using lots of bullet points and subheadings to break up the text.  Remember to include your contact details and a copyright notice – you don’t want someone copying your work and presenting it as their own.  If you’ve opted for an eBook, you’ll need an eye-catching cover design.  It’s not difficult to create your own (or ask me to do it for you)  using a free image tool such as Canva or PicMonkey.  Ideally, you’ll also need a standalone landing page (squeeze page) incorporating an email signup form (see below)

The Techy Bits…..

Now you have your compelling offer, how do you link it with your email software so that anyone who enters their details gets access to the download, and is automatically added to your list?  There’s no easy answer to this, as it will depend on your email provider and also on the type of website you have.  But generally it’s a fairly simple process, and if you can’t do it yourself then your web designer/developer certainly can.  Or I’m happy to advise if you’re totally confused about the whole thing!

Over To You

Once your lead magnet is up and running, that’s not the end of the story.  People won’t appear and sign up by magic – it’s your job to market your free offer.  Don’t feel you’re being pushy or “salesy” –  you have a valuable product that your target clients will be delighted to get their hands on.  You need to get it in front of them on a regular basis, in places where they’re most likely to see it.  Post about it on your social networks –  Twitter once a day, Facebook and LinkedIn 2-3 times a week.  Make it the cover image on one of your Pinterest boards. Add it to your Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.  Add a link to it in your email signature and display a sign-up box on every page of your website.  Tell people about your offer at networking groups if you visit these. You may even decide to run a Facebook ad promoting your offer.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own lead magnet.  I’d love to hear how you get on – please get in touch if you need help or advice, and let me know when your irresistible offer is available to download!


I love helping businesses to get the best from their online marketing. Please contact me if you need further advice on creating a lead magnet, or email marketing. Why not download my lead magnet too











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