Strugg​​​​ling With Facebook Ads?

facebook ads training


  • You're tired of wasting money on Facebook ads with no success
  • You don't know when to use a boosted post or other ad types 
  • You get confused when using Facebook ad manager 
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    You really want Facebook advertising to work for your business 
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    You simply aren't sure where to start with Facebook ads
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    You're a VA or social media manager needing to understand Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the most cost-effective form of online advertising. They can be very specifically targeted to reach your ideal clients. If you’ve been using the “Boost Post” method of advertising on Facebook, you are very unlikely to have achieved consistently good results.

There are far better options!


Unlock the secrets of successful Facebook Ads -
I can't wait to help you!

Get started with a one-hour Zoom session for just £97. (you don't need to be a Zoom member). We’ll cover the basics – finding your way around the ads platform, using Ads Manager, and setting up your first ad. Or if you’re not a complete beginner, we’ll dive a bit deeper into more advanced strategies such as custom audiences, remarketing, conversion tracking , audience insights and lookalike audiences. No fluff, just facts!

In this session you will discover:

  • ad types
  • ad placement
  • live demo of ad setup
  • researching your audience
  • custom audience creation and selection
  • crafting your copy and images
  • setting your budget
  • and much more!


Unlock the secrets of successful Facebook Ads -
I can't wait to help you!

Prefer face-to-face training?  If you're within 30 miles of Retford (Notts) I'll be happy to come to your home or place of work to deliver a training session.  Or, if you're able to travel to Retford,  a suitable venue will be arranged.  
Please email or call 01777 249075 if you require this option. 

Sara Jones SEO Consultant

Big shout out to Naomi. I’ve been struggling with Facebook Ad targeting for weeks – after a Skype call with her today (on her birthday too!) she cleared the fog and gave me lots of useful tips for my ads to boot.

So I have now FINALLY set my ads running for my webinar, and hopefully will get people onto my new course – woohoo!

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