Keeping It Simple with Twitter

This is a guest post from Chris Lomas of UK Speech Writer

Why Twitter is making us all better writers


I’d be lying if I told you I could fit everything I know about Twitter on the back of a business card. But even if I could, it wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing…

If the rise of Twitter has taught us anything, it’s that, whatever you’re writing, it needs to impart more information, more succinctly than ever before. You don’t have to squeeze it all onto the back of a business card, but if you can do it in 140 characters, so much the better.

These blogs aren’t going to fit into a tweet. But their key points could fit into a series of tweets. And actually, I might just do that, because ‘repurposing’ copy for Twitter is a great way of keeping your tweets flowing, and of getting lots of useful information out quickly.

Using Twitter reminds us that words are powerful – and should be handled with care. So, if you don’t need to use a handful of words when one or two more carefully chosen words will do, don’t.

Instant feedback

I like Twitter because it encourages an immediate response. Copywriters can spend days crafting copy for a client, then have to wait even longer before they get any feedback. With Twitter, it’s instant. If someone likes what you’ve posted, they say so. They may even retweet it.

That’s gratifying. But more importantly, it shows you who engages with your Twitter stream. And it tells you what they like and respond to. That’s all valuable information that’ll help determine your wider marketing strategy.

Let’s be honest – is Twitter ever just a waste of time?

Even if you’ve only got a handful of followers; even if no one engages with you, or retweets you, or favourites your posts, it’s worth persevering. Engaging your customers with concise, well-crafted content is the essence of all good marketing communication. And Twitter’s a great testing ground.

It may take a few months before people get used to seeing you in their Tweet feeds, but stick at it and you’ll establish yourself as a regular presence on Twitter and build up followers. The more you post – and the more useful free content you provide – the higher your stock will rise.

Promoting your business? Think again!

Twitter gives you the chance to promote your business without ever really promoting it! Everything you write still needs to represent your company. It still needs to be on-brand and involving, but it has to take a low-key approach…

So instead of selling your company, you can sell your expertise. You can offer insights into how you do what you do. You can give free advice on common industry issues. Be generous. Be informative. Be a constant source of useful information. That’s how you promote your business on Twitter. That’s how you build up followers. That’s how you make Twitter work for you.

A tweet a day…

Tweeting about your business day in, day out encourages you to think about new ways to showcase your expertise and insight. And that’s good exercise for your marketing brain. It’ll help you consider which aspects of your business are easy to sell, and which need a bit more effort. It might even help you come up with a few new ideas about new markets and new ways to engage with people. (See Part 2 of this blog.)

Talking of which, join us next time as we run through our pick of tips to help you make more of Twitter…

NB The second part of Chris’s article will follow next week.


  1. Hi Naomi! Cheers for this. Good post. I’m a new reader to your blog so I thought I’d just add a quick thankyou.

  2. Hi Naomi,

    I’m glad that I read this! I will admit, Twitter is one thing that I am definitely lacking and not good at. I definitely agree with you that it can be a great avenue to get the key points of your blog out and have it spread all over, not to mention it is great to just mingle with people and make new connections. Looks like I have a few things to learn from you in the Twittersphere

    Great post and on to Part 2!
    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee

  3. Twitter has that immediate response you need. It is a great tool to crowdsource certain ideas. It teaches a person to be concise and creative with words. It is a challenge to get your message out there with only 140 characters.

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