How To Do Social Media in 10 Easy Steps

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How To Do Social Media??

I go to quite a few local networking meetings, where I naturally get involved in conversations about social media.  I can’t recall a meeting where someone hasn’t said to me “I’ve set up a Facebook and Twitter account, but I don’t really know what to do now”……..
Yesterday I attended a “Blogging for Business” seminar. The speaker recommended blogging about questions that people have asked, and the topic of this post – How To Do Social Media –  immediately came to me

So, how to “do” social media??

  1. Sit down with a coffee and decide what you want to achieve with social media.  More website visitors?  More sales?  Building a community?  Being seen as the local expert in your field? The answer will probably be a combination of all these things.
  2. Also think about how you will track the results from your social media campaigns.  Google analytics is free and very powerful.  There are also various tools for tracking particular social media channels. Facebook has its own Page Insights and this has just been upgraded to give even more information.
  3. Consider your branding.  It’s important to be consistent across all the social networks so that your business is instantly recognisable.  Your social media pages should have the same branding as your website and blog.  Ideally your username should be consistent across all platforms, too.
  4. Set up your accounts.  It might be wise to start with just one or two so that you can get a feel for how they work.  If you dive into multiple networks straight away,  you’re more likely to give up.  We’re back to the original complaint of “I don’t know what do do”….
  5. I’d recommend starting with Twitter.  Many people find it difficult to believe that it can be useful for business. But if you persevere and take time to understand this platform you will soon appreciate its power. The key is consistency.  You can’t afford to miss tweeting for more than a day or two. This can seem impossible at first!
  6. If you follow my advice and start with Twitter,  “listen” first. Begin by following a few people in your niche (find them via a google search),  watch what they’re tweeting about.  Look at who they’re following and who their followers are.  You might also want to follow some of these.  Then start to engage –  comment on what’s been posted, mention that you found it useful etc.
  7. Look for people in your local area and follow them.  Many will be local businesses who might need your services in the future.  Perhaps you’ve already met them at networking meetings? It’s always good to meet “tweeps” in the flesh after a few weeks of virtual chat!
  8. Remember, be consistent!  And don’t be tempted to use software that automatically adds followers – this is a waste of time as followers added this way are unlikely to be interested in what you have to offer. You need quality, not quantity.  It’s far better to grow your followers organically, and after a while this will start to happen without any action from you. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t continue looking for followers.
  9. When you feel that you’re familiar with Twitter and are starting to see results,  get set up on one of the other networks – LinkedIn is a good choice as it is very powerful for B2B connections and there are many possibilities for “networking” within the platform.  LinkedIn is known as the professionals’ social  network.
  10. Rinse and repeat the above with Facebook and YouTube if you wish!  A Facebook page is a must-have for most B2C businesses and can also be very useful for B2B.  YouTube is great if you have a lot of visual content,  but basically any business can produce powerful marketing videos without too much effort.  Hmmm…….about time I started with video 🙂

Has this helped to answer your question “How to do social media”?
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  1. A great start Naomi, and of course I always recommend answering your phones to know what your audience wants to know about. It’s the fastest way to get to the questions they want answered.

    When people start out with social media they think (and believe the hype) that automating their Twitter following is a great idea. I guess they just want the magic bullet, I know I do at times

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Sarah 🙂 Yes, the good old fashioned phone can sometime be forgotten in these high-tech times…….
      I agree about automation seeming to be the magic bullet, it’s good in theory but can be seriously annoying in practice!

  2. I appreciated that the format of your blog was a nice systematic list of 10 points. I alternate between intuitive internet conversation and trying to be more organised. I have found that I can lose myself in ultra interesting conversation without asking why… in the busy working week… why exactly I am engaging in this.
    So thanks for stressing the need to think what your aims are. This cannot be said enough.

    • Lisa, many thanks for your comments. Social media can be very distracting as you say – I think the best thing to do is set aside a couple of periods per day of e.g. 30 minutes where you look at your various accounts, post updates, reply to feedback etc. and then just log out! Difficult in practice though 😉

  3. Thanks Naomi. That is full of really useful and valuable information to a Social Media Newbie like myself. My biggest learning from you is ‘consistency.’ Hear that one loud and clear. Some of my branding is quite mixed as I have two target audiences: adults and teens. I guess it wouldn’t do any harm to be the same ‘person’ (brand) to all of them but tweak my messages accordingly. Something else to add to the ‘to do’ list.

    • hi Lisa, glad you found it useful. Consistency is indeed the key – sometimes people expect instant results from social media, but that’s never going to happen. It’s like face-to-face networking – all about building relationships and trust.

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