Here’s A Quick Way To Blow Away Your Social Media Cobwebs!

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[fblikesend] It’s Spring (well, in the northern hemisphere at any rate!)

At this time of year many of us start to think about cleaning, dusting away the cobwebs and de-cluttering our homes and lives.

We can think about our social media accounts in the same way.  I recently read a great article on ways to clean up our social media presence.

Firstly, try searching yourself on the popular search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo. How easy would it be for an employer, a new acquaintance, a reporter, and even a stalker, to find the information they needed?

If you’ve changed your career path recently then it’s probably a good plan to update your social profiles – particularly on LinkedIn as many potential employers will be using that as a means of recruiting. So if you’ve not completed your profile to at least 80%, consider attending to this as soon as possible.

On Twitter you only have 160 characters for your bio, so if you’ve not used this to the limit, have another look and see if you can tweak it to include as much information as possible about both your job and your personal ethos. It’s almost an art form to create a good Twitter bio! Don’t forget that you can get a job, or new business this way too…….

With Facebook you have quite a bit of scope for crafting both your personal resume and your business profile. Make sure you use all possible fields and include as much relevant information as you can – every little helps, as they say 🙂

Thanks to Social Media Today for an inspiring article.

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