Google Reader – How To Scan Multiple Blogs

One thing I’ve learned about social media, and it’s a pretty obvious one – is that as a specialist in the field, you have to keep up with current news and trends. Things move very fast and it’s essential to keep your ear to the ground and stay abreast of new developments, new tools and updates to the various social media platforms.

When I first started working in the social media world, I quickly realised that the best way to keep up with things was to read as many blogs as possible – blogs by authorities on the subject. I’ve not yet come across a better way of keeping track of multiple blogs than setting up a Google Readeraccount. I’d already set mine up a few years ago and hadn’t really made the best use of it, but once I needed to read up on the latest social media news, it was obvious that this was a brilliant way to do so.

google reader
Above is a screenshot of my Google Reader account – I have set up different categories, e.g. social media, SEO, general web stuff, green/eco, cat related, health & medicine, marketing. The sky’s the limit – just collect anything that interests you. Of course you can’t read every single blog post but you can pick and choose, marking anything of particular interest with an asterisk so you can go back later and read it in depth.

In the screenshot I’ve shown the blog of Social Media Examiner – generally recognised as one of, if not THE leading authority in social media. Here’s a brief summaryof their organisation and purpose.

Strangely enough, I didn’t intend to write about Google Reader in this post. I had intended to write about the week’s latest happenings in social media, as summarised by Social Media Examiner! There have been quite a few innovations – Foursquare reaching 10 million users, Klout getting involved with Facebook, the launch of Social Buzz Club and more. So why not visit SME and read all about it?!


  1. very helpful. haven’t tried Google reader yet but I will give it a shot.


  1. new google trends…

    below are some links I found useful…

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