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Naomi Jane Johnson

Hi - I'm Naomi from Purrfectly Social. 

Are you a small business owner, coach, therapist, consultant or solopreneur, looking to generate more leads online - and turn them into paying clients?

Would you like to discover a simple, stress-free way to create PROFITABLE Facebook Ads , WITHOUT wasting loads of money?

What if you could...

Create profitable Facebook Ads - without tearing your hair out?
Target those people who have ALREADY shown an interest in your business?
STOP wasting time on ad campaigns that are doomed to fail?
Discover inside secrets that 99% of your competitors don't know?
Create a smart  Facebook Ads strategy that delivers real results?




Your investment for this training is £27 (special deal, not available elsewhere)
There are 5 modules with easy-to-follow tutorial videos & worksheets, plus a dedicated private Facebook group where we'll cover:

  • Why you need to include Facebook Ads in your business marketing strategy
  • How to optimise your Facebook Page so that it complements your ad campaigns
  • How to research and understand your target audience (this is vital!)
  • The exact steps you must follow when setting up an ad campaign
  • How to install the Facebook Pixel, track your website visitors, and retarget them with ads (just like the big brands)
  • How to create custom audiences of the people MOST LIKELY to buy from you - and advertise to them
  • Managing your campaigns and understanding the important metrics

About the course...

This course is intended for beginners - it's a complete walk-through of the steps you need in place before setting up your ad campaigns, the actual setup process, and the bits that you previously thought were too complicated.  

I'll show you how you can get everything organised to take advantage of Facebook's incredible advertising platform. 

I've set up  a dedicated Facebook Group for course members where you can share any problems and get help from me. 

There's no deadlines and no pressure - you're free to participate as much or as little as you like.  

You'll need to complete each module before moving on to the next -  I've organised it this way so you'll never feel confused or overwhelmed with information.

I'll commit to creating additional sessions if specific questions come up frequently, and you'll be able to suggest further topics you'd like me to cover. 

READY TO GET STARTED for just £27??

Simply click the purple button below and complete the form to register. I'll be in touch within an hour with full details and the link to the Facebook Group.   

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