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It’s always useful to be able to show potential clients some examples of previous work, and this is no different in the case of a social media manager.

I have personally been active on social networks for several years – I joined Facebook in 2007, and Twitter in 2009. LinkedIn happened at the start of 2010, if I recall correctly!

Of course, in the early days of my Facebook and Twitter presence, I wasn’t using the networks for business purposes, but just being there gave me an excellent grounding in how the platforms operate and what is and isn’t acceptable practice.

I have built several Facebook pages over the years and have added to and refined the earliest one – for my cat breeding. It took a long while to reach 100 followers, but far less time to reach 200, and now the number seems to grow organically without me doing much to promote it.

Vervain Cats – Burmese, Asian & Ocicat

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My most recent page is Bassetlaw Buzz, a community space for businesses, charities and residents of the Bassetlaw (north Notts) area. I’m hoping that this will gradually grow to become a vibrant group where businesses, charities, musicians and entertainers will post details of their offers, promotions and events, and where local people can visit to find out what’s going on. As with anything new, there seems to be a bit of reticence and reluctance to get involved, but I intend to keep working at it and spreading the word via all possible social channels!

Bassetlaw Buzz

Promote your Page too

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? How quickly did you build up your “likes”?

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