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Your Facebook Business Page

I’ve written previously about the importance of a Facebook Page for your business, and setting up a page is something most of my training clients ask about.  Today I’m going to go through the initial setup process. Just like this image,  your Facebook Page does act as your “shop window” so it’s worth taking time to get it looking great!1306493851_FacebookShop







1. Choose your Category

facebook page setup

Go to Page Setup on Facebook.

Available options are:

Local business or place

Company, organisation or institution

Brand or product

Artist, band or public figure


Cause or community

It’s worth taking a while to browse through all these options –  it can sometimes be a little tricky deciding which one best fits your business. The good news is that you can change your Facebook page category at any time, so if you’re not quite sure that your initial choice is right, it’s not a problem.  For the purpose of this article, we’ll assume you are a “Local Business”, so you’ll need to select that option.

Next, you need to select a category from the drop-down list. Let’s say you run a restaurant.

Now. add your details –  business name,  address (including postcode), telephone number.  Also, Facebook asks that you agree to their terms and they offer a link to read them.  It’s well worth doing this before going ahead.  If you’re happy, click “Get Started”.


2. Add your business information

The next thing Facebook asks for is a profile picture, but you’ll probably want to skip this step (and a few more) until you’re sure you have suitable images etc., as there are optimum sizes.

Next step is to add some basic information about your business – this should be a short paragraph summarising what you offer. It’s important to include relevant keywords in this section, as Google will find them! Again, the information can be edited / updated at any time and indeed it’s a good thing to change it from time to time (to keep Google happy).  Don’t forget to tick the box to confirm that your business is real!   You also have a section here for your website URL.  In fact you can add several URLs, (see the “add another site” link) so you could include your Twitter page and any other relevant sites.


3.  Complete your Page Setup

Surprise surprise, at the next stage you’re asked if you want to advertise (well, Facebook does have to earn money!) You might want to jump in straightaway, but I’d recommend waiting until you get a feel for your Facebook Page and the way people interact with it.

4. Like your Page

Then, you’re asked to “Like” your Page – and why wouldn’t you want to do that? So go on, click that Like button!   The next 2 steps are “Invite your Friends” (meaning your Facebook friends, on your personal profile) and “Invite your Email Contacts” –  I usually suggest skipping both of these because as before, you can do it later if you decide it’s worthwhile.

5. Your Page is ready to roll!

Having gone through the above steps, your brand new Facebook Page is ready and waiting for your first update.  The image below shows what a “skeleton” page (prior to any content being posted) looks like.  Your first aim should be to get at least 30 people liking the page, because that will give you access to Insights.  Facebook Page Insights are powerful analytics (broadly similar to Google Analytics), enabling you to track the performance of your Page and optimise your posting and content schedules.  In a subsequent article,  I’ll go into more detail of how to optimise your Page and show you a few tips and tricks to get it working as a marketing tool for your business.

Need help getting started with a Facebook Page for your business? I’d love to work with you, so go ahead, take the first step! Contact me on 01777 249075 or by email at info@purrfectlysocial.co.uk


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