Facebook Marketing in 2018 – What’s Working Right Now (And What Isn’t)

Have You Given Up On Facebook?

facebook marketing 2018

Facebook announced a major change to the newsfeed algorithm, resulting in lower priority for business page updates, public announcements etc and placing yet more emphasis on "connecting people to meaningful posts from their friends and family in News Feed".  As a result, the points outlined in this blog post are even more relevant.

Plenty of business owners became disillusioned with Facebook over the last year or so. Organic reach has dropped to new lows (less than 5%) meaning that it's increasingly difficult to get your page posts seen.

However, that doesn't mean you should give up - far from it! Facebook is still a marketing goldmine for business owners.

You need to change your strategy. What worked in 2012 doesn't work now - things have changed. And why shouldn't they - Facebook is a forward-looking company aiming to be at the forefront of innovation.

The opportunities are still there, for those who choose to take them. 

Let's look at what you need to DO on Facebook in 2018 - and what you DON'T.


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    Use your personal profile to share interesting & relevant stuff about your business -  aim to increase curiosity, get people intrigued as to how you could help them.
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    Ensure your personal profile is set up correctly -  make your business page your “place of work” and add a tagline (other name) with keywords related to your business.  Mine says “social and video marketing”
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    Upload a good quality profile cover image – make it relevant to your business
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    Post regularly on your business page (but don’t link to external sites)
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    Keep an eye on your page insights to see what’s working and what’s not
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    Post in FB groups – don’t simply go for the hard sell, instead join in discussions, get to know people, answer questions when you can.  People will check you out if they’re interested.  It’s not a quick win – you have to spend time building relationships.
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    Use Facebook Live -  but not excessively, or just for the sake of it.  When you’ve recorded a livestream, download the video file so you can share it elsewhere (LinkedIn, YouTube, embed on your website) -  get captions and transcription from rev.com
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    Be aware that videos perform better than other types of update, so plan to share plenty of videos!  Square format is best.
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    Add a video cover to your page.
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    Set up Instant Articles – these are “clones” of your blog posts that display within FB rather than on your website, for anyone clicking the link on a mobile phone.  They load far quicker, meaning that you don’t get penalised for a slow-loading website.
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    Use Facebook Ads -  not just boosted posts.  Set up your pixel tracking and custom audiences for website visitors, page engagement, video views.  Ads targeting this type of audience will perform much better than ads targeting “interests”.


  • Take part in “like ladders” -  yes, you’ll gain lots of likes for your page, but most of them are unlikely to be people who are actually interested in what you do. 
  • Post the same content to multiple places (page, profile, groups) – the maximum reach will happen the first time you share.  For subsequent posts, change the text, image or both.   If you post the same thing to multiple groups within a short time, FB is likely to put you in jail! (i.e. a temporary ban on posting in groups)
  • Post links to external sites – even your own (unless you have Instant Articles set up).  Facebook wants people to stay within the platform and posts with external links will be penalised.   To get around this, put the link in the first comment (and tell people to look for it there).
  • Share YouTube videos.  Facebook and YouTube are huge rivals in the video arena – and of course YouTube is an external site.   Native videos display far larger on Faceook, too
  • Use 3rd party tools for scheduling your page posts.  Anything like Hootsuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar etc -  will reduce your page reach - it’s low enough already!
  • Post “engagement bait” updates.  The latest algorithm change means that posts deliberately seeking engagement – e.g. “comment YES if you love cats” – will be penalised.
  • DON’T WORRY if your posts don’t get much interaction.  Over 80% of people who are noticing you online will never engage.  For this reason, don’t give up posting – if you do, you will soon become invisible to everyone!

Your Turn

What have you found works best on Facebook?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I use Facebook and YouTube as an online strategy. Great mention here about the do’s and dont’s for this year especially that Facebook is continuously changing and innovating. Videos are an effective strategy – eye catching and easy to share. Also, I love that you mentioned about instant articles and what shouldn’t be done, will definitely look into them. Many thanks, Naomi.

  2. Your discussion of uploading links to YouTube is particularly striking. For some time now Facebook has been putting posts with outbound links to the bottom of the pile, especially when it comes to video content. Native uploads are definitely the way to go moving into 2018.

  3. Hi, Naomi and thanks for writing this great article… It’s very useful, especially how Facebook is constantly changing. I’m in the process of using Facebook as a platform to promote and advertise so this article will be of great help to me!

  4. Great Article Naomi, here’s a tip that we’ve found very effective recently:

    Before launching a new Conversion/Sales Ad, run it with the engagement objective first to build social proof into the ad.

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