Facebook Live – Not So Scary After All

My thoughts as Purrfectly Social approaches its 6th birthday…

I did a Facebook Live on my Purrfectly Social page yesterday.  That in itself is quite a milestone because a few months ago, I’d have made any excuse not to go live, or even appear on camera myself at all.

I then ordered video captions from Rev.com and downloaded the transcript to form the basis of this post.  You can do this too –  it’s a great way of leveraging your content. Record the live, get the captions and transcript – use snippets for social media posts, use the transcript for a blog post, share it in as many places as possible. Upload the video to your YouTube channel – getting the idea?  5 minutes of your time can become a LOT of content.

In addition, I created  custom audiences in my Facebook Ads dashboard, of people who viewed the video (a view is 3 secs or more) and also those who watched 50% of the video.  Guess what –  I’ll be able to retarget these people with ads, and as they’ve already shown an interest in my business, they’re more likely to become customers in future.  It’s not rocket science 🙂

Let’s go back 10 years

Naomi here. Just wanted to have a few thoughts today, actually, because my business, Purrfectly Social, is nearly six years old and I just wanted to summarise how I got here, where I am now and what I’m going to be doing in the future, hopefully.

Let’s go back 10 years. I was running a boarding cattery, which has nothing to do with what I originally was trained for, which was biochemistry. I worked in the NHS for 14 years or so, but always had an interest in cats.

When  I’d had my kids, I decided to take over a boarding cattery, which I ran for about 10 years and decided it was very hard work for very little return so, quite rapidly, gave up that idea. And, for several years, I didn’t do anything. All during this time, I’d been online. I got online very early, in 1995, and I dabbled in web design, I’d done a lot of networking on forums, which were the predecessors to social media.

I knew my way around online…

So, I knew my way around online. And then, after another few years, I was fed up with basically doing very little, so by chance, really, I heard about a training course in social media management. That was at the start of 2011. Social media was still quite a new thing as far as business went. People were using it personally, and I’d already been on Facebook for several years, but I had no concept of it being used for business.

I was able to take the course, and after doing that, I decided I would set up a business and, so, Purrfectly Social was born, although it wasn’t actually called that in the early days. Originally, it was Social Media Management and Training but, as time went by, you know, being of a scientific frame of mind, I was always interested in reading stuff, finding out why and how things worked, and I started to hear a lot about video.

The video revolution

2014, that was when everyone was saying, you know, video is the future for marketing, for online marketing, so I decided that was probably something I ought to get involved with. I bought a couple of software tools, didn’t do anything with them for about three months, and finally thought, well, I’ve paid for these, I really ought to have a look.

Once I’d actually taken the plunge and had a look, I thought, well, yeah, this is something I can do, it’s not that difficult to use these tools, so I’m going to start creating videos. When I say videos, I mean animations. I don’t do anything with filming. I don’t possess a video camera.

I created a few animations, offered them to businesses for a very low cost and the reception was generally favourable. Cutting a long story short, the video side of things soon became my major income generator, which it still is now. I soon realised, though, that when we talk about visual content, which has become quite a buzzword, we don’t just mean video, we obviously mean graphics, images, as well.

Visual content is essential

My focus now is to spread the word about the importance of visual content for online marketing, and I want to help as many people as possible to actually do it for themselves because you can’t hire a graphic designer or a videographer every time you want an image or a piece of, or, sorry, a video. So I’ve created an online training course called Let’s Get Visual, which basically helps all business owners to be empowered to create their own marketing graphics and videos without much effort using free tools that anyone can understand, requiring no special skills.

It’s not about sacking your graphic designer or your videographer, it’s just about producing your own visual content quickly and easily without spending a fortune when you don’t need to. You still need the experts for really important stuff, but my course is all about creating your own, at scale, when you need it, without much effort. So, if you’d like to find out more, I shall put the link to register for the course underneath this video. So, thanks for listening and I shall see you soon. Bye.

Let’s Get Visual!

I included the link to my LET’S GET VISUAL training underneath the live video on Facebook.  Click the image below to check it out.  By the way, creating images like this is one of the things I teach in the programme.





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