How To Create A Pro Quality Explainer Video In 8 Easy Steps

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Your competitors have been using explainer videos for quite some time. Thus, it makes sense to explore the marketing opportunities these can offer. An explainer video is, as its name implies, a video that explains an idea, process, or event. Its purpose for internet marketing is to generate leads and obviously sales. Generally short, around a minute or two, these videos are designed to capture the viewer’s attention and prompt them to subscribe and check out your business.


Explainer videos are concise. The rich information presented in diagram, graphs, and bullets hook the viewers within that short time frame. Marketers know people today have very short attention spans. Everyone wants information delivered instantly. Who can be bothered to go through an article and search for information in a convolution of words?  That may work for a painstaking researcher. But virtually all people looking for information online prefer details presented succinctly.

Beware: just because you have an explainer video doesn’t mean you’re on the right track. Ineffective approaches will break your campaign. What do you do to make sure your approach will be effective?

Write your script.

Hardly anyone in the video marketing business plans a killer explainer video without a script. Audio is a crucial aspect in this case, so if no one is visibly present in the video, a smooth delivery of concepts or ideas is essential. One way to make sure that happens is to prepare a script. This way, you’ll make sure your video content is well planned and therefore well presented. You can also edit and improve your script before recording, making sure you come up with the best content before you press the record button.


Test your script.

Do a rehearsal. Read your script. See if the words flow smoothly. Sometimes, what looks good on paper doesn’t read well. Make sure your script is enough for a 60- or 90-second video.

TIP: 150 words is about right for a 60 second video – most people read at around 2.5 words per second.

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Create appropriate characters.

If you’re not intending to appear in person in your explainer video, create a character that your audience can relate to. This character should be someone relevant to your business. It could be an animated character that your audience can easily identify with. If you’re not a graphic or animation artist, hire someone who can do the job.  In this case, ensure that you’re able to review and suggest edits at all stages of the creation process, to keep the details right.



Check your voice.

Apparently, the quality of your voice can make or break your video marketing campaign. Do a sample recording of your voice. Or take a video of yourself talking. Then play it back. Listen to your voice. Does it sound too high or shrill? Does it sound nasal? Does it have funny qualities? Let others listen to your voice, and ask them to give honest feedback (most of us hate the sound of our own voice, but an independent judge might think it’s fine!) Can you modulate your voice or adjust in such a way that it sounds more pleasant?  If you’re really not happy,  hire a professional voiceover artist.  Most will record a 60 second script for £50 or less –  a worthwhile investment that will make a huge difference to the quality of the final production.


Fill your explainer video with animations.

Your message should be matched with attention-grabbing animation. This is not a simple slide show or power point presentation. It’s a video that’s designed to engage your viewers. An interesting animation really does hook your viewers and keep them watching to the end (when they’ll be keen to take action). But what constitutes an interesting, attention-grabbing animation? Think of cool moving sketches or characters. Think of dynamic diagrams and graphs.  Engaging explainer videos have a combination of elements that hold viewers’ attention while feeding them with relevant information.


Consider music to tie the elements of your video together.

Have you tried listening to a video infographic without music? It’s bland, right? People remember things better when they associate them with sounds and rhythms. That’s exactly why it’s easier to remember song lyrics than poems. Videos with sound effects or background music are often more stimulating and fun to watch.  If you do use a music backing track,  dial the volume down so it doesn’t overwhelm the spoken words.


Make explanations simple.

Your audience is composed of different people. Many of them may not have technical expertise in your field, and you may confuse or frustrate them if you use technical jargon or make highly technical explanations. Simplify your script. Everything you say should sound familiar to all of your viewers.  If you’re not a competent copywriter, ask for help in writing the script so that your message is delivered in a concise, yet compelling way.


Make your viewers do something.

Don’t make it obvious at first, but the whole point of creating an explainer video is to get people to call you, visit your website or subscribe. Don’t hesitate asking them to do just that. If you’ve engaged your viewers, they won’t hesitate in getting to know you more.  It’s essential to include a clear, concise call to action at the end of your explainer video.  Make sure your phone number, email address, and website URL also appear in text on the final slide of your video –  and pause this slide for several seconds, so that viewers have a chance to write the information down.


Over To You…

Have you tried creating an explainer video for your business?  Did it work well?  Share it in the comments!


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  1. Hello Naomi, I am glad that I found your article showing 8 easy steps for creating video as pro creator. As of now I am just collecting tips and tools and then if I complete gathering I will start to create one. Thank you so much.
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