Too Many Buttons?

[fblikesend] I just read a thought provoking blog post about the myriad of social sharing buttons that litter most websites and blogs these days – although perhaps “litter” is the wrong word? Is it a good thing to offer so many ways of sharing content or is it just a nuisance? I have quite a […]

Join The Revolution!

There’s lots of great infographics out there, demonstrating the massive impact of social media on not just business, but our daily lives. This is one I particularly like – can YOU afford to keep that bag over your head??

Are You Overloaded?

I enjoyed this recent blog post on the Hubze website.

Measuring Social Media ROI

I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about this topic recently – how DO you measure ROI from your social media activities? There are lots of software applications out there that go some way to achieving this, but there isn’t one all-encompassing solution that you’ll find in a pretty box or as […]