Your Online Reputation Matters!

Do you care about your online reputation? I’d consider it pretty strange if you’re in business and you don’t!  OK,  it’s not that easy to monitor your offline reputation (unless you’re into eavesdropping, or wish to employ a private detective).  But it’s not at all difficult to keep track of what’s being said about you […]

Digital Marketing – An Integrated Approach

Digital Marketing – Why You Need An Integrated Approach I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the need for an integrated approach to the whole digital marketing thing.  Social media is of course a vital component in any business marketing toolkit,  but it can’t stand on its own.  Traditional marketing also plays an important part, […]

How To Do Social Media in 10 Easy Steps

How To Do Social Media?? I go to quite a few local networking meetings, where I naturally get involved in conversations about social media.  I can’t recall a meeting where someone hasn’t said to me “I’ve set up a Facebook and Twitter account, but I don’t really know what to do now”…….. Yesterday I attended […]

Social Media in Network Marketing

The Role of Social Media in Network Marketing   I think it’s likely that most people nowadays know what’s meant by “social media” –  if you don’t, all you need do is browse around this website!   But do you know what network marketing is? A common misconception seems to be that it’s “pyramid selling”. Well, […]

Google Places – Have You Claimed Your Business Listing?

Google Places-What’s That? I’ve been reading recently about Google Places, having already listed my social media consultancy business.  Just out of interest,  I did a quick Google  search for accountants, solicitors and dentists in my local towns.  I think you’d agree that all of these businesses are likely to be searched for pretty frequently,  as […]