Facebook Messenger Bots – Exploring A New Marketing Channel

Why Facebook Messenger? I consider it essential for my business that I keep an “ear to the ground”, looking out for the latest news and updates around social media, video and online marketing.  I regularly scan blog posts and articles via social media and my favourite RSS reader, Feedly. Towards the end of last year […]

5 Key Tactics Used By Marketing Pros To Get More Sales (Clue: It’s All About Emotions)

Have you ever bought something as a result of seeing an ad? Can you remember what was in the ad that made you want that product or was it a subconscious influence?   And what does this have to do with “neuromarketing”? Neuromarketing Is A Thing A google search produces 1,820,000 results, dating back to […]

Ready for 2012?

New Year Initiatives For Your Business    I have spent the last few days going over my successes and failures of the last year, and deciding what direction I will take with my business in 2012. My achievements so far are modest, but I’m confident that I am heading in the right direction. I’m not […]

Digital Marketing – An Integrated Approach

Digital Marketing – Why You Need An Integrated Approach I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the need for an integrated approach to the whole digital marketing thing.  Social media is of course a vital component in any business marketing toolkit,  but it can’t stand on its own.  Traditional marketing also plays an important part, […]