Naomi Jane JohnsonA Bit Of History

My educational background is in science – I worked in Clinical Biochemistry in the NHS for many years. I have also owned/run a boarding cattery and my long term hobby is breeding and showing pedigree cats.  Now you know why my logo is a cat!  I am a cat show judge with GCCF and have been involved with numerous committees.  However in addition to these aspects of my life, I’ve always been a “geek” and I owned a PC almost as soon as they became readily available to home users.  I’ve dabbled in web design and enjoy tweaking photos and graphics, more for enjoyment than anything else, although I dare say I could have developed this into a business if I’d put my mind to it.

Online Networking

I first started networking online way back in 1995, in the dark days of dodgy dial-up connections….remember Compuserve? Back then I used the internet to communicate with people who shared my hobby, but at that time there were very few people in the UK who had taken the plunge into the online world.  Later I set up the first yahoo chat group for UK cat breeders and continued my online networking in various groups and forums, eventually landing on Facebook in 2007 after prompting from my son.  At that time I knew nothing about social media as a marketing tool.  I certainly had no idea that I would one day own a business based around this concept.

Social Media

Quite by chance, at the end of 2010 I heard about an online training course in social media management, and was able to take this course in March 2011.  This gave me the necessary boost to take the plunge and set up my business.  Although I’ve moved on and diversified quite a bit since then, social media, in particular Facebook, is still a major speciality.

Video Marketing

In 2014 I launched a new service – creation of whiteboard animation videos. I had no idea that within a year this would become the major focus of my business!  I’ve discovered a wealth of creativity I never knew I had. I absolutely love creating these videos – and other video formats too – and clients seem to love them.  This part of the business is now known as Purrfectly Animated.


By the way, I mostly use my full name of Naomi Jane Johnson (or Naomi J Johnson) on the web,  because there are quite a few Naomi Johnsons around –  and I used to think my name was quite unusual!

You can follow me on Google+ as well as many other social networks.