60 Seconds Online – Implications For Your Business

Infographics are very popular nowadays, and for good reason – they present a lot of useful information and statistics in an easy to understand format. This one from Dave Ansett at Truly Deeply is very enlightening – and thought-provoking!

60 Seconds on the Net

  • 98,000+ tweets per minute. Latest statistics show 20% of tweets relate to brands or products, that’s nearly 20,000 tweets every minute – are they talking about your brand? Do you know what they’re saying? If not, why aren’t they, and if they are, shouldn’t you be listening and interacting?
  • 13,000+ iPhone downloads. Is your brand/product one of the many without a brand app presence?
  • 25+ hours of YouTube video. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – do you have a channel for your brand?
  • 1,500+ blog posts per minute. Incredible! That’s a heck of a lot of people blogging daily. A major proportion of buying decisions are now made online – blogs are loved by google due to their frequently updated (we hope!) content, so there’s no excuse for your business not to have a blog. Your blog should be your “home base” on the web.
  • 695,000+ Facebook status updates per minute – there are now more Facebook posts than Google searches. Facebook has literally become its own communication channel – a brand without a Facebook strategy is somewhat like a business without a website would have been, 15 years ago.
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts per minute – can you afford not to be on LinkedIn, the premier social network for businesses?

Things are moving very fast in the world of Web 2.0 – now we have Google Plus, and shortly we’ll have Skype Integration with Facebook – are you keeping up? Is there anything you might need help with?

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