6 Tips On Successful Video Marketing For Estate Agents

Video Marketing For Estate Agents


video marketing for estate agents - Purrfectly Social[spacer height=”20px”]As an estate agent, you need a constant stream of new clients for both buying and selling, so it makes sense to use every available marketing strategy to make this happen.

Video marketing for estate agents is now an essential tool – without regular use of video content, you’re likely to lose out to competitors sooner rather than later.


Why Video?

I don’t want to bore you with a long list of statistics, although there are plenty out there should you wish to search!  Here are a few that will convince you:

  • The average internet user spends 88% longer on a web page with video (MistMedia)
  • Website visitors who view videos stay an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos (comScore)
  • One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words. (Forrester Research)
  • By 2017, 74% of web traffic will be video (comScore)
  • We are watching 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day (TubularInsights)
  • Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%  (Unbounce)


Despite these compelling statistics, very few property businesses in the UK are using video effectively –  a great opportunity awaits those who want to get ahead of the game!


Types Of Video To Consider

1.  Testimonials.

A client testimonial can be very powerful – people want first-hand evidence that you’ve done a good job and a live recording is the best possible way to present this.  You should encourage clients to send you video testimonials;  they simply record themselves on a smartphone or tablet –  taking literally 2 minutes or so.  A professional job isn’t required!  You can then post these on your website (after uploading to YouTube).  Simple and very effective.

2. Informational Videos

Create a series of short, informational videos covering various aspects of the business – aim to answer “Frequently Asked Questions” so that you can point potential clients to the recordings whenever these questions arise.  Again, these can be recorded on a smartphone or tablet, although you might want to get help if you’d prefer a more professional setup.  Once recorded this type of video will generally be valid for a long time,  so if you do invest in help from a videographer, it will be money well spent.

3. Video Profiles

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “people buy from people” –  this is your chance to let potential clients see behind the scenes at your office and learn a bit about the agents they’ll be dealing with.  You could talk about your experience in the business, your hobbies, anything that helps clients get to know you.


**5 Ways To Captivate Your Perfect Clients With Video**


4. Office Showcase

Why not do an “office tour”, giving potential clients an insight into day-to-day activities in your office?  If you’ve won awards, mention these,  and any particular specialities of your staff.   This type of video is probably best outsourced to a professional videographer who will do everything possible to showcase your business.  The end result will be a huge addition to your marketing toolkit.

5. Property Listing Videos

An absolute essential for any estate agent.  Photos are great but it’s so much better to give potential buyers a video tour of a property.  Today’s smartphones record high quality video so you don’t even need specialist equipment to produce great results.    Or create a slideshow video  from photos – there are many apps available that do this very nicely.   You could even mix it up by editing (or outsourcing this task) video clips together with photos, voice narration and/or a music track to produce a really professional result.

Here’s a good example:


6. Explainer Videos

Does what it says on the tin –  an explainer video explains how a business, or more specifically, a particular aspect of that business – works.  However, there’s more to it –  the explanation must focus primarily on the benefits a potential client would get from working with the business. There’s little point talking about how a particular product or service works –  that’s not going to get results.

Explainer videos are often produced in whiteboard or other animation styles, featuring a voiceover and / or background music.  They are normally short, around 60-90 seconds in length and designed to get viewers to take action (usually by calling or emailing the business).

Here’s an example of a whiteboard animation video for estate agents, designed to attract potential sellers.


Time To Get Started!

A quick search of page 1 of google (including the paid listings) for estate agents in my local area found only one currently using video in any way.   Plenty of opportunity here for estate agencies wanting to give themselves a huge advantage over the competition!   Let me know about estate agents using video successfully – please share examples in the comments.



I love helping businesses get the best from their marketing. Please contact me if you need help with creating an explainer video, or further advice on video marketing for your business. Why not say hello on my Facebook page too? 









  1. These are all great tips and statistics! Giving potential clients an insight into day-to-day by an office showcase/tour definitely stands out.

  2. Hey Naomi, some great tips here, lots to think about. Although I do think there is a place for professional video production too when the right property calls for it. Here’s an example you might like: http://www.dreamshock.com/portfolio/video/waterside-luxury-property-east-preston/ , let me know your thoughts?

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