5 Common Social Media Mistakes

Building Business with Social Media

Building Business with Social Media

So you’ve decided to bring your business into the 21st Century and get started with social media……but do you know the rules?

Let’s look at 5 mistakes frequently made by businesses new (and not so new) to the social media game.

  1. The “me me me” scenario.  You post 5 Facebook updates and 10 tweets per day urging people to buy your latest product and then wonder why no-one responds and several of your followers desert you.
  2. You mustn’t get too distracted in the office so you don’t check your social media accounts more than once a week – but a potential client has been messaging you daily and getting frustrated because you don’t reply.
  3. Your business has a great Facebook page and you already have 500+ friends – but one morning you log in to find the page has disappeared??  What?!
  4. You haven’t bothered to complete your LinkedIn profile and find that no-one is asking to connect with you.  Seems unfair when your colleagues are doing great business on LinkedIn…..
  5. You’ve never bothered to set up a blog; what’s the point?

OK – now let’s play “spot the deliberate mistake”…….answers below.

  1. “Me me me” is the surest turn-off for anyone.  Social media is not about the hard sell – it’s about interaction and engagement.  You need to be “interested and interesting” – listen to people, find out what they need, get into conversation.  Make yourself interesting so that people seek you out as an expert in your niche  –  this behaviour is far more likely to lead to sales in the long term.
  2. If you’re going to do social media,  you have to do it right –  that means constant vigilance over your accounts and timely responses to questions and comments.   You also need to keep an eye on your competitors.
  3. Common error – personal profiles on Facebook are NOT for use by businesses.  The Facebook Page (used to be known as a Fan Page) is the correct platform.  It has more appropriate functionality for a business than the personal profile.  Facebook CAN AND WILL take down personal profile pages being used for business – with no warning.   Not good if you’ve built a large following…….
  4. LinkedIn is a superb resource for B2B activity.  However, the more fully your personal profile is completed, the more you’ll get out of LinkedIn.  People may be looking for your particular skills, qualifications or experience –  so do take some time to fill all these details in as completely as possible. LinkedIn recommendations are also very desirable, so ask your connections to do you a favour and submit a short recommendation.
  5. Your blog should be the main hub of your business website.  A well set up WordPress blog will help greatly with SEO.  Google loves fresh content, so if you produce one or two good blog posts per week,  with appropriate keywords and snappy headings,  you’ll soon notice the benefits.  And it goes without saying that your blog should link to all your social media accounts.

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  1. Great post Naomi and oh so true!

  2. Connecting with you from Online visibility group. I enjoyed your post.

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