5 Blog Post Ideas

I have a blog, what should I write about?

This has to be one of my most frequently asked questions!  blog post ideasMany business owners are already aware of the benefits of blogging.  They may have started enthusiastically and written several blog posts over the course of a few months – but then the ideas have dried up.  This is a follow-up to my recent post 6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog for your Business.

It’s actually not difficult to find blog post ideas.  Of course your topics will depend to some extent on your field of business, but the good news is that your blog posts don’t always have to be “strictly business”

Here are a few blog post ideas to get you started:

Business News

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  • Have you recently moved office?  Write about your new premises, with plenty of photos included. Explain why it’s a great improvement over the old office.
  • New members of staff?  Introduce them in a blog post, explaining their areas of expertise etc. Don’t forget to include photos.
  • Starting a new project soon?  Describe it and explain what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.
  • Write a blog post about an upcoming workshop, seminar, or other event that you’re running. Invite people to attend.


“List” style posts are usually very popular.  People just love lists!  Suggestions below.

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  • Your 10 favourite business books and why you’d recommend them
  • A list of your favourite tools for doing a specific task (e.g. scheduling social media posts)
  • List the potential benefits of attending one of your workshops or seminars
  • The top 50 influencers in your niche / area of business
  • Your favourite apps and what they’re used for
  • Your favourite WordPress plugins –  (always a winner!)
  • A list of steps to take before undertaking a major task (e.g. publishing a book)

How-to’s and Tutorials

These are extremely popular although can be fairly time-consuming to write.  Videos and screenshots are an important addition to this type of post, and this makes for easy sharing on networks such as Pinterest and YouTube. Blog post ideas could include:

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  • How to groom your longhaired cat
  • How to sew a quilt square
  • How to set up Google Authorship
  • Instructions (with video) for exercises designed for specific muscle groups
  • Recipe tutorials


These don’t have to be “live” interviews, although a video interview is a great thing to produce if you’re able to.   An interview is often just a set of questions answered (in writing) by the interviewee,  to give an insight into their life and/or business.  Check out my interview with social media expert Lilach Bullock to get an idea of how it works.

Answers to Common Questions

One of the very best sources of blog post ideas is the questions that your clients ask!  Take some time to think about the most common questions you get asked, and write a blog post around your answers –  exactly as I’ve done here in fact.  Many of my previous blog post ideas have also come about this way, e.g.

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I hope these blog post ideas have been helpful!  If you already have a blog and would like to add more ideas (I know there are lots more!), go ahead and post them in the comments 🙂


Since publishing this post I’ve read this great article by Kim Garst – check it out for even more blogging ideas!

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