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My recent post proved very popular, so here’s a follow-up on the subject of Facebook Pages…..

Although you’re probably posting regular updates on your Page, it can be difficult to maintain your community’s interest and get them interacting and participating in conversations.   While it’s good to keep content on your page mainly relevant to your industry or niche,  there’s no harm in going off-topic and posting something light-hearted now and then.  Here’s a few suggestions.

  1. Make sure you use every category of status update – text, links, photos and videos. (obviously not all at once!)
  2. Always remember to reply when someone comments; engage in conversation whenever possible.
  3. “Like” other pages (related to your business) as your page; mention and thank them if they return the favour.
  4. Always post “breaking news” updates relevant to your industry or niche; fans will return more often if they know your page is a good place to get up to date information.
  5. DON’T automate posting of your blog articles or tweets to Facebook. This can result in your updates being aggregated with others from the same automation tool so that they aren’t always visible in news feeds.
  6. Post updates that mention Facebook, especially if relevant to your business.  After all, Facebook is the most shareable topic on Facebook!
  7. Use albums to post photos, rather than posting individually – and remember that Facebook only displays up to 3 photos in a status update.
  8. Use the photo caption space to ask a question, e.g. “Where do you think this photo was taken?”
  9. Start a regular feature. e.g. a useful tip posted every Monday.
  10. Celebrate “this day in history” and post what happened on a specific day.  A google search will help out!
  11. Ask a question using Facebook’s Questions app.  This can be a simple yes/no, or why not ask your community “what’s your favourite TV show” – lots of options here!
  12. Include links in text status update and not the links box. The update will display the link as clickable in addition to the normal title, photo, and meta description of the link. At a minimum this allows an additional opportunity for a fan to click the link. These links stand out as different and can get clicked on more.
  13. Run a contest or publish a coupon (beware – Facebook has strict guidelines on doing this.
  14. Use your Page Insights to target specific demographic groups for relevant status updates (e.g. female fans only)
  15. Ask for Likes – tell fans to “click like” if they agree with a statement.

Need help with setting up a Facebook Page for your business? You can contact me on 01777 249075
or by email at info@naomijohnsonsocialmedia.co.uk


  1. all sounds sensible to me Naomi. Good post

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