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You're a business owner - you started your business because you love what you do and you're great at it. You didn't sign up to be a web designer, marketing guru, social media manager, or video creator. But all these things are necessary for your business to run from day to day, let alone grow in the way you'd like it to.  Nowadays, a strong online presence is essential - I'm here to help you achieve it.  Clue:  it's all about emotion!

I'll show you how to use social media, Facebook Ads and visual content effectively and strategically to ensure that you're noticed by more of your ideal customers, meaning that you'll generate more leads and sales online - and ultimately,  more income!

Take a look at my training packages - choose from one-to-one training (in person, or online via Zoom), or courses you can study online in your own time, at your own pace. Learn about Facebook Ads, Visual Content Creation and more.

Video is vital to your online visibility - I create affordable, engaging videos that attract attention on social media or your website - and get you noticed.  Absolutely no filming involved - perfect for camera-shy business owners.

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Naomi Jane Johnson

Naomi J Johnson


In a former life, I was a Clinical Biochemist in the NHS,  but I've always been a self-confessed geek; dabbling in web design and online networking (via forums) since the early days of dial up! I was a social media early adopter and in 2014 launched a new service – video creation. Video marketing is now a primary focus of my business, which has unleashed a wealth of creativity I never knew I possessed.  I've previously owned a boarding cattery and my long term hobby is breeding, showing and judging pedigree cats (hence the business name and logo!)

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